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Bison Investments, Inc. was formed in early 1996 to achieve superior returns for its investors.  In addition to specializing in the purchase of underperforming SE United States based manufacturing and distribution businesses the firm has grown to include additional services that have strategically enhanced our offerings.  Those include the utilization of the Bison staff for consulting through our Bison Management Solutions, LLC with specialization in: turnarounds, re-financings, sale preparation, business structure rationalization, acquisitions, re-structuring, and other corporate transactions designed to increase and realize shareholder value.  As the years have unfolded we have also done work to bring Bisonís capital to bear to help finance smaller public and private businesses with specific needs that might not match with traditional sources of capital.  In addition to these activities our involvement in a number of non-traditional lenders has given us a unique opportunity to customize solutions for portfolio companies, affiliates, and firms where Bisonís principals are able to make a real difference in the outcome of a firmís direction.

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