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If in manufacturing or distribution the acquired company must have the following basic attributes:

  • Significant “hard assets” as a percentage of the purchase price.
  • A defensible market position and a product that is in the early to middle stages of a long life cycle.
  • The company must have an ability to grow at double-digit rates primarily in the United States.
  • If not currently generating positive cash flow from operations the target has the ability to do so in a reasonable period of time with a definable roadmap to get there.
  • If a turnaround is involved there must be basic identifiable factors present to elicit the turnaround.
  • Little or no environmental impact (light manufacturing as opposed to chemical feedstock creation).
  • Middle management technical expertise in the product must exist in pre-acquisition staff.
  • Books and records that are accessible and legible and understandable. Bison prefers that an acquired firm have audited financials, but that is not a requirement if there is a long history of quality financial information available.
  • If the acquired company is a “life style” company (one in which the owner’s activities outside the company are mixed into the company financial records) those costs must be easily identifiable and not related to the operations or needs of the company.

If the acquired company is a turnaround, it must be one in which the banks are willing to allow an ownership change and also willing to release the assets, or entertain a non-recourse loan to the newly capitalized company under Bison control.

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