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Bison Investments, Inc.  Private Company Investments. 

Historically the company has sought out transactions in Basic Manufacturing in the following categories:  Plastics, Consumer Products, Medical Devices, Aerospace Life-safety Gear, Aerial Delivery Gear, and Military Wearables.  Companies in Distribution and Capital Goods, as well as Government Contractors with a product are of interest as well. 

Deal Location is confined to the Southeast United States (FL, LA, SC, GA, NC, VA, TN, AL) 

Deal Parameters include Bison typically assuming a controlling, if not 100%, position.

Deal Size of up to 4 million in debt and equity from Bison supplemented with non-recourse bank debt to fill out the purchase and working capital requirements has been the historical limit.  New capital expenditures are always financed by an outside bank.  Depending on location a real estate component can be interesting to us. 

Top Management has not been required to stay past a transition, having said that many mangers have stayed with Bison.  We do have bias toward putting our own personnel if the company requires significant directional or social changes.  Top Management receives competitive compensation and must invest along side Bison. Middle management typically is retained as are other personnel in an acquired business, many times with enhanced compensation opportunities.  Bisonís philosophy on pay is to be in the range of competition with competitive benefits for all employees in portfolio companies.

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