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Bison Investments, Inc. Public Company and Mezzanine Finance

Bison has successfully helped finance a number of smaller public company needs. For example Bison has purchased blocks of stock from the company to help fund internal growth and expansion through acquisition of assets, as well as the provision of mezzanine debt with conversion options and warrants.

Investments where Bison can add value as an advisor to the CEO in strategy and operations are of particular interest. This aspect of the investment has enabled Bison to realize returns that are greater than the traditional purchase of securities on the open market.

Geography and industry constraints apply. Generally the company must be located on the East Coast of the US, although significant international business from that base is frequently involved. Bison or its predecessors have made investments in companies doing business in 16 Central and South American countries, Europe, and India. The business must be one where Bisonís expertise in financing and operations will make a material difference in the outcome.


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